IEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers

The IEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers course provides the tools managers and supervisory staff need to contribute to and oversee sustainable practices in your organisation.

What is the IEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers course?

The IEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers course supplies the key insights into environmental sustainability needed for managers to implement positive change within their organisation, improving sustainable practices and developing awareness regarding the impact sustainability can have on their workplace. 

Across the accredited 2-day course, learners will build on the knowledge learned in the IEMA Sustainability Skills for the workforce course, developing skills in resource efficiency and evaluating environmental performance.

Benefits for Employers: 

  • Boost profits through waste recycling and other forms of resource efficiency suggested by management and supervision. 

  • Demonstrate your businesses’ commitment to environmental sustainability 

  • Embed globally improved environmental management practices throughout your workplace to improve employee and stakeholder engagement 

Benefits for Learners: 

  • Aid your career development with a globally recognised certificate in overseeing and improving sustainable business practice 

  • Reduce your team’s bottom line through enhanced resource management and efficiency 

  • Gain the tools and knowledge needed to improve and assess sustainable practices in your workplace. 

Student Approved 

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This course is suitable for those in a management position in any sector looking to learn effective environmental sustainability practices that they can apply to their role. 

The course has no formal entry requirements.  

The IEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers is 2 days long when studied in house.

When studied through E-learning, we recommend spending between 15 and 20 hours on the course.

After gaining this qualification, candidates will have covered and developed a strong understanding of each of the following areas:

  • Have knowledge and understanding of the main environmental and economic risks and opportunities 

  • Have knowledge and understanding of compliance obligations and business drivers for change 

  • Have knowledge and understanding of the main potential impacts on environment and sustainability 

  • Have knowledge and understanding of how to improve environmental performance 

  • Evaluate drivers for change and barriers 

  • Apply knowledge and understanding to baseline data to monitor and improve performance 

  • Apply knowledge of environmental sustainability across the value chain 

  • Demonstrate the importance of implementing resource efficiency 

  • Demonstrate how employees can improve environmental performance 

The IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers course is assessed via an online, multiple-choice assessment at the end of the course.

This course is an excellent precursor to further professional development such as the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management, which secures you a free membership with IEMA upon completion to aid in further career development. 

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