Our IOSH courses promote awareness of health and safety among the workforce and help to create safer working environments. 

Here, you’ll find IOSH training for the Working Safely, Managing Safely and Leading Safely courses. Candidates can study online, in their workplace and at a training centre. 

What is IOSH? 

IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) is the largest health and safety membership body in the world with members throughout Europe. Every year, nearly 180,000 people from a range of different industries attend IOSH training courses. An IOSH membership can be a major factor in career progression for many health and safety professionals. 

What is IOSH Training? 

IOSH training comprises short health and safety courses to suit different roles. Different IOSH courses are aimed at individuals at different levels of an organisation, from entry-level courses for all staff, to strategic courses for Directors and Senior Managers. Each IOSH training course can be studied alone, and there is no requirement to study other qualifications as a precursor. On completion of an IOSH course, candidates will have a strong understanding of workplace health and safety relevant to their role. 

Why take an IOSH Course? 

IOSH and their courses are recognised worldwide for teaching industry leading health and safety practice. The same stands true for their training courses, making them an excellent addition to any employee’s list of accreditations. Each course provides the key knowledge needed for businesses and their employees to minimise risk in the workplace, ensuring best practice so the danger to any employee's health and safety is at a minimum. 

Who can study an IOSH Course?

IOSH offers occupational safety and health courses for everyone, both employees and employers, no matter their experience with safety and health work. In fact, around 179,000 people gain an Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) qualification each year.

These comprehensive courses are designed to help ensure that everyone in an organisation can better understand potential risks in the fullest extent, creating a safe and conscious atmosphere throughout the entire workforce. With quickly accessible courses, IOSH is well suited for any type of organisation’s need for a well informed group of individuals who are able to manage safety processes more efficiently.

Ways of studying

Study your IOSH training online, in a classroom, virtual classroom, via distance learning or in-house with Phoenix. All of our learning types come with the Phoenix pass pledge which means means that candidates are entitled to continue studying (free of charge) if they fail to meet the required standard in the examinations

Which IOSH course should I take?

IOSH Working Safely?

IOSH Working Safely is an entry-level, introductory course and is suitable for staff across every level of the organisation. It is for anyone who needs an awareness of workplace health and safety.  

IOSH Managing Safely

IOSH Managing Safely is aimed at anybody in a supervisory or management role which requires a deeper understanding of workplace health and safety.  

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher

The IOSH Managing Safely Refresher is for anyone who has previously completed the Managing Safely course. 

IOSH Leading Safely

IOSH Leading Safely is ideal for senior managers and directors. It focuses on the value of strategic health and safety policy, as well as corporate responsibilities. 

Find the right IOSH course for you

Why choose an IOSH course from Phoenix?

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Student Approved

Phoenix is rated 4.9 stars on Trustpilot, helping thousands of students acquire IOSH certificates each year.

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Accredited Partner

Phoenix Health and Safety is an IOSH Approved Partner. This means our IOSH course materials, tutors, and learning environments are all quality-assured and stamped with excellence.

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Teaching and Support

We go the extra mile to make sure our course attendees receive the best possible learning experience and support, whether that be through study guides, student groups or our team of expert tutors and mentors.

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The Phoenix Pass Pledge

Every Phoenix IOSH course entitles you to continue studying free of charge if you fail to meet the required standard in examinations. However, this is rarely necessary, as our pass rate for IOSH courses is above industry average.

Popular IOSH FAQ's

Are there any entry requirements for an IOSH course?

There are no entry requirements for IOSH Working Safely, Managing Safely or Leading Safely. 

Do I need to pay for IOSH membership?

Candidates do not need to buy IOSH membership to complete one of our IOSH courses. 

When will I receive my IOSH certificate?

Your IOSH certificate is sent via post and usually arrives within 2-3 weeks of completing your IOSH course. 

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