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Study Support FAQs

If you are an e-Learning student, in your learning portal, your course has an introduction section. This is your starting point. You need to view the onboarding information and then move onto all the information in this section before moving onto your core reading. For classroom and virtual classroom students, your course tutor will go through this with you on your opening session.

All the examination dates are located here.

Students can book their exams here.

Unfortunately, this is prohibited by NEBOSH as this is classed as a Premark however, there are lots of useful documents to assist you to be successful within your learning resources.

For the OBE (Open Book Exam) examinations, you can request the markers breakdown directly from NEBOSH via [email protected]. For practical assessments, this is released automatically on the following working day. 

Results are issued 50 working days from the submission deadline for your examination.

Certificates are sent by NEBOSH 20 workings days from the date of declaration to a third-party printer. They are then issued to us where we will then contact you to confirm the postal address. Upon us contacting you they should then be received within three working days. 

This is not always possible, however, if you have submitted all the mock assessments and completed them in full, provide the question paper, answer booklet and the markers breakdown, the Study Support Team will assess this on a case-by-case basis but as an overview review only – each question will not be broken down, only the paper. 

These can be located on your learning portal or via the Study Support Team via [email protected]. Please only use the resources or your submissions could be rejected. 

For the certificate courses, each course has a mini mock and three full mock assessments. For our diploma courses, we have a mini mock and one full assessment per unit now, but these resources are being developed. 

You need to start the mock process once all of the core reading is complete for all of our courses. We advise to allow six weeks for the certificate courses and ten weeks for the diploma courses. Please do not book any examinations until at least 2 mocks are completed for the certificate and one full mock for the Diploma. 

Whilst this is not always guaranteed, we carefully analyse all our examination results and out of 99% of the referred students, these are found to have not completed the mock process in full. 

We strongly advise that you do not book any examinations without completing at least one full mock assessment.


For classroom and virtual classroom students, you are automatically enrolled onto the next available examination, therefore if you wish to defer your examinations to a later date, you will need to contact our training team via [email protected] for UK students and [email protected] for International Students. 

Full guidance for the practical assessments is sent via the examination joining instructions including the email address to send your assignments too. 

You must achieve your full qualification within five years from the date of your first examination. You can therefore book your practical assessments when you feel ready. You will need to source a suitable location for your practical assessment prior to booking the examination. 

You can do the examinations in any order that you wish if the core reading is complete prior to the examination. 

The Study Support Team are here to support you Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. 

You will be offered the opportunity to transition over to the Study Support Team to continue with the mock process. 

This is a very personal decision which only you will know the answer to.


Firstly, it will depend on whether you feel comfortable and confident and basing your decision on the feedback on the mock paper that you have received from the tutors.

It is advised that you only review the guidance information. NEBOSH can change the examination templates; therefore, we strongly advise waiting to start the actual assessment until you have received the templates as part of the examination package. 

This allows us to give you structured feedback and to help develop your answers overtime by continuous improvement. It also ensures fairness to all students. 

For you to assess your final mark for the mock so that you can establish if this was the real examination what the final mark would be, but it also prevents you becoming stuck onto a question which could be detrimental to your study. We do revisit any questions that were marked less than 60% once all mocks have been completed.

For the OBE examinations, you will need to contact NEBOSH via [email protected]. For the practical risk assessments, this is sent to you automatically within 74 hours of the results being released. 

It is recommended that you do use your own place of work as this is the area in which you are the most familiar and will have the knowledge to meet the essential criteria.

You can approach any local businesses or charities.

Yes, you can transfer to any method of learning by contacting our sales teams via [email protected] for UK Students and [email protected] for International students.

Unfortunately, these are only offered for the Diploma courses. 

General FAQs

NEBOSH and IOSH are a great stepping stone into a health and safety career. Find out more here.

Our bookings team will contact you to arrange payment.

Please provide feedback via TrustPilot and Google. If in the unfortunate event you wish to make a complaint, please email [email protected]. You will receive confirmation of receipt of the complaint email from the appropriate departmental Manager within 1 working day. We will investigate the complaint and respond with our findings within 7 working days from the receipt of the complaint.

We can offer a payment plan to assist with funding the course, this just requires a 30% deposit at the time of booking, then you can spread the payments over any agreed period up to 12 months. For full terms & conditions visit this page.

Yes, both re-sits and practical re-submissions need to be booked and paid for. We sill continue to support you free of charge.

If you are booked onto a classroom course, you will complete the practical risk assessment at the end of the classroom teaching and you will then complete the written exam on the next exam date NEBOSH have available.

You will only be allocated a learner number once you have booked your first exam. If you have sat a NEBOSH exam before, please email [email protected] or call 0345 500 8811 and we will be able to provide you with your learner number.

Due to NEBOSH changes we are unable to accept external learners for exams, unless you can provide us with proof that you have studied the qualification with another course provider. Please contact [email protected] for our external learner exam booking form. Please ensure your learner number and your course providers name is filled out. NEBOSH advise that individuals cannot self-study the qualifications and have to ensure they have support with their studies.  

If you are studying via E-Learning, exam fees are not included within the advertised E-Learning price and will need to be booked and paid for separately. If you are attending a classroom course, the cost of your exams will be included.


Results are notified by NEBOSH after completing the course. NEBOSH send out the results 10-12 weeks after the exams. Your certificates will arrive after the results have been announced.

Your certificate or diploma is sent to you by Phoenix after the results have been announced. Your certificates will arrive from Phoenix 10-12 weeks after the results have been announced.

The Phoenix Pass Pledge will cover your additional studies, but you retake the exams at your own cost. 

You can now book NEBOSH exams on this page.

NEBOSH Certificates are level 3, which is equivalent to an A level qualification. NEBOSH Diplomas are level 6, which is equivalent to an Honours Degree.

There are no entry requirements, which makes the NEBOSH Certificate an ideal starting point for your health and safety training. Learners must have a suitable standard of English language to understand and articulate the concepts contained in the syllabus.  

There is no formal entry requirement. However, achievement of the NEBOSH National General Certificate, or a direct equivalent (level 3), is highly recommended before undertaking the Diploma course. 

An appropriate standard of English language is also essential for students to understand the syllabus and articulate the concepts it contains. NEBOSH recommends a minimum standard of English equivalent to an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 7.0 or higher

There are no entry requirements; however, this course is best suited to managers, supervisors and staff who have responsibility in managing environmental issues.

We recommend asking family, friends or colleagues if they have a suitable workplace. Alternatively, as part of the Phoenix Facebook Community group, you can ask your fellow NEBOSH students. We also allow practical assessments to be completed as part of voluntary unpaid work.

With an open book exam, you can have access to textbooks, course notes and the internet during the exam. You complete you NEBOSH open Book Exam at home, or a suitable location. The NEBOSH Open Book Exam must be completed within 24 hours. 

Following the open book exam is a short closing interview, which takes approximately 15 minutes. This interview ensures that the work you have submitted is your own. 

You should receive the link the day before your closing interview.

There are no formal requirements for the NEBOSH Oil & Gas Certificate, however, we do recommend that candidates compete the NEBOSH International or National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety or equivalent level 3 certificate, prior to undertaking the International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety. 

NEBOSH will send your certificate to print, within 20 working days from you receiving your last unit result and once printed will be sent direct to Phoenix. Once received we will then contact you for a full postal address of where it should be sent. IOSH – certificates take around 3-4 weeks from the end of classroom courses or the date you receive your risk assessment result for E-Learning.

OBE results are released 50 working days from the exam date and practical assessment results are released 10 weeks from the submission date (not exam date).

If you have previously sat an OBE, you will need to use the same log in details that you used for your previous exam sitting, even if it was a different qualification – NEBOSH only issue one log in. If you are sitting your first exam, you will need to ring NEBOSH direct, as we have no access to the OBE portal or log on’s -  +44(0)116 263 4700 or [email protected].

Currently 9:00 UK time on the day of the exam, however from 1st December onwards, this will change to 11:00 UK time.


Candidates do not need to buy IOSH membership to complete one of our IOSH courses.

There are no entry requirements for IOSH Working Safely, Managing Safely or Leading Safely.

Your IOSH certificate is sent via post and usually arrives within 2-3 weeks of completing your IOSH course.

Completing an IOSH course does not provide you with an IOSH membership, although this is something you might want to consider separately.

Construction FAQs

No, but it is recommended for candidates to have passed the SSSTS course, or to have some basic understanding/knowledge of construction site safety.

The examination pass mark is 80%, There are 20 multiple choice questions and 5 short, written questions. Five safety-critical questions in the exam paper must all be answered correctly to pass. 

For the last ten minutes of the exam, candidates are permitted to use Construction Site Safety – The Comprehensive Guide (GE700) and The Construction Site Management Delegate Workbook (XA6).

We have an excellent pass rate of 95 percent. However, the exam can be re-taken within 90 days if necessary.
If a candidate passes the trainer review but fails the final examination, the candidate may re-sit the examination (depending on their mark). 
If a candidate scores less than 69% in the examination, they must attend the full course again, before re-sitting the examination.

There are no entry requirements for the SSSTS course.

The examination pass mark is 80%, There are 22 multiple choice questions and 3 short, written questions. There are 4 safety critical questions, which must be answered correctly to pass.

We have an excellent pass rate of 95 percent. However, the exam can be re-taken within 90 days if necessary.
If a candidate passes the trainer review but fails the final examination, the candidate may re-sit the examination (depending on their mark).
If a candidate scores less than 67% in the examination, they must attend the full course again, before re-sitting the examination.

Results and certificates are provided by CITB within four weeks of completing the course.

The examination takes 30 minutes.

No, the fee includes the cost of the exam.

Short Health & Safety FAQs

NEBOSH send out the results 10-12 weeks after the exams.

Phoenix's short, online health & safety courses should take 40 minutes to complete.

You can retake the assessment.

The cost of any of our short, online courses is £24.99 per candidate, per course.
Employers who book groups of employees for Phoenix health and safety training can make significant savings:

  • Buy 25+ for £19.95 per candidate 

  • Buy 50+ for £17.95 per candidate

  • Buy 100+ for £15.95 per candidate

In-house health and safety courses cost £595 or £795, depending on if they are a half day or full day course.

Classroom FAQs

Parking is available at the majority of our training centres. Visit the individual training venue page for details.

Classroom courses normally start at 9am and finish between 5-5.30pm. 

Face to face classroom learning takes place Monday to Friday and candidates are encouraged to revise during the evening.

We could advise you to check the individual venue first by visiting the Venues page and choosing your venue. 

We supply everything you need for any of our classroom health and safety courses, including course materials, stationery and so on. 

You are, of course, welcome to provide your own pens and paper if you prefer, but this is not necessary. 

There is no dress code. We would suggest wearing something comfortable - formal business clothing is not necessary if a casual outfit feels better. 

Yes, lunch and refreshments are included for full-day and multi-day training courses. 

Log in to your account and you'll be able to see them. Or check your spam filter, we email them as soon as you pay for your booking.

You'll receive joining instructions via email, giving you all the info you need about your course and venue


You will receive a pass or fail result once each unit is moderated. However, your Phoenix assessor won’t send off a unit unless it’s going to pass the course unit criteria.

NVQ Level 5 is the equivalent of a foundation degree. NVQ Level 6 is a higher qualification, equivalent to a full bachelor’s degree and the NEBOSH National Diploma. Due to its slightly more stringent requirements, many international employers prefer NVQ Level 6.

There are no formal entry requirements, but we recommend that candidates are in senior positions and experienced in health and safety roles. Before starting the programme, you will be asked to complete a self-assessment to identify training needs.

If you prefer a more academic approach to achieving a degree-level Health and Safety qualification, the NEBOSH National Diploma is the best alternative to NVQ Level 6.

On average, it takes delegates between 12 and 18 months to complete the NVQ Level 6. However, some candidates manage to complete within a year, while others take longer than 18 months. Additional support can be purchased should you require more time to complete your qualification.

There are no formal entry requirements, but candidates must be aged 19 or over. We recommend that candidates are experienced in health and safety roles. Before starting the programme, you will be asked to complete a self-assessment to identify training needs.

On average, it takes delegates between 15 and 18 months to complete the NVQ Level 5. However, some candidates manage to complete within a year, while others take longer than 18 months. Additional support can be purchased should you require more time to complete your qualification.

E-learning FAQs

If the course has been paid for, the link may have gone to your junk/spam folders, so please check these folders. 

If the course has been paid for but still haven’t received an email with the link on, please email [email protected]. 

If the course is being paid for via invoice, we would only be able to issue an E-Learning link once full payment has been received. Please email [email protected] for any queries.

This should now be the same as your website login.

Normally within 2-3 days for UK students, longer for overseas.

Distance Learning we send you the written materials, whereas E-Learning you do everything online.

Please email [email protected] and we can send you another link.

You don’t need an enrolment key. If you have been given your login details, you will need to enter these at the log in stage and then click log in rather than sign up. If you haven’t received an E-Learning link and username via email, please email [email protected].

As your risk assessment needs to be sent to NEBOSH for marking, you will need to book and pay for this via our NEBOSH Exams page. You can pick any dates we have available on the website and these dates are the date you will receive all guidance and template documents officially from us. Submission is then 10 working days after the dates shown on the website. We cannot accept any risk assessments without the NG2 being booked for you and we cannot accept risk assessments before the date you have booked for, at the earliest.

Cope and paste this link to access your E-learning portal. 

The login information is emailed to you within your introduction email that is sent to you as part of the course booking. 

The resources section contains all of the supporting information to assist you in the completion of your selected course such as mock assessments, further reading, information on the OBE process .

If you can't find what you're looking for here, contact our study support team at [email protected] or ask a question on the Phoenix Study Support Facebook group.